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Compliance und Regulierung

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Each EU Member State is required to implement this Directive in order to adopt rules, terms and penalties related to the production, distribution and communication of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid containig nicotine.

The compliance service offered by FEM2-Ambiente aims to assess that the products comply the norms fixed by every single Member States where the manufacturer or importer intends to market its product.

FEM2-Ambiente will evaluate every aspects subjected to regulation in order to fulfill the obligations set out by local transposition of the Directive. Whereas the product is compliant, a full documentation will be released together with the manufacturer/importer in order to demonstrate compliance. Otherwise, a customized R&D service will be offered to accordingly modify the product and make it compliant, without changing its desired features.

Once issued the documentation, a notification service is supplied: FEM2-Ambiente will submit a notification of behalf of the manufacturer/importer, allowing him to obtain the EC-ID code needed to market the product in the European Union.