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The electronic cigarette has been experiencing an unique history in every countries it landed. Surely it’s something which has been always talked about, attracting entrepreneurs, doctors, institutions, the research community and policy makers. Another constant has been the continuous search for taste, an innovation that has potential implications in health, often overlooked for several reasons. In an unregulated market where companies were free to innovate watching their revenues growing, this led to a production diversification into countless variations of taste, different levels of nicotine, several flavoring sources (synthetic or natural) and extraction technologies, etc.

Now it’s sure that the Directive 2014/14 / EU highly esteems the health aspect . It mainly regulates the tobacco products (completely unhealthy) but it introduces also a number of important obligations to producers and importers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids to ensure consumer safety. Primarily it obliges to pay attention to health and, technically speaking, TPD-II requires the evaluation of the toxicological risk of vaping. Just consider how toxicology is a vast and complex subject and that most of the ingredients used for e-liquids production have never been tested for inhalation to realize how big this challenge. And it’s not only a matter of difficulty, it is also concerning the fact that everything that was right before, starting from November 20th will be probably be no longer compliant.

TPD-II imposed this breakthrough moment and it’s important to take it as an opportunity and not as an obstacle, that’s the reason why FEM2-Ambiente gathers the skills of several university research groups (from material sciences to neuroscientists to chemical synthesis science) to supply the customers with opportunities of unexplored innovation.

Please, take a look at this website to look at one example of realization of a customized R&D, designed and developed on the customer’s needs.

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