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Toxikologische Untersuchungen

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Different analysis procedures are carried out depending on the kind of product you want to submit a notification for. Further information about “product type” can be found at the page PRODUCT TYPE TO BE REPORTED.

To ensure a product is TPD compliant, our team of experts will evaluate the products from a toxicological point of view producing a complete risk assessment report with technical information for all of the relevant ingredient of the blend, taking into account the every concentration and according to the toxicology guideline of the Common Entry Gate form conceived by the European Commission.

The dossier will be completed by an exhaustive bibliographic research (PDF files containing ingredient data will be supplied). According to the resulted estimated toxicity, our team will recommend or not to carry out in vitro tests to assess experimentally the actual citotoxicity.

The experience gained so far let us know believe that these kind of tests will not be necessary.

A high concentration of natural extracts that cannot be classified (i.e. that are not liked to a CAS or FL number) is a prerequisite for a following analytical study; otherwise where an e-liquid is mainly made of classifiable synthetic molecules (i.e. owing a CAS number) and present in low percentages won’t need an analytical study.

The toxicological laboratory tests will be suitably selected in cooperation with our scientific staff between a panel of possible solutions, starting from a simple UNI EN ISO 10993-5 test up to a complex test of the cytotoxicity and about the release of inflammatory mediators carried out on a three-dimensional cell culture to mimic the behavior of the blood-alveolar barrier (the functional unit of the lung tissue).

Type of products analyzed: 1,2, 4, 6, 7

If you want to have a look at one example of advance toxicological testing, we designed and carried out, please visit the following site.